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Harry Potter World


Quidditch is the most popular sport in the wizard world. It is played on a broom. There are 6 players on each team. There are also 4 balls.

The Keeper: The keeper gaurds the goal baskets from

The Seeker: The seeker is usually the lightest and fastest players they are the ones who have to catch the Golden Snitch. They are also the ones who get the most injuries from the beaters!

The Beaters: The beaters 1st job is to protect their team from the bludgers that they hit with bats. Beaters are usually the strongest on their team.

The Chasers: The Chasers job is to throw the Quaffel to eachother to score ten points when they get it in one of the goal basket

The Quaffel: The Quaffel is a scarlet ball, 12inches in diameter and seamless.

The Golden Snitch: The Golden Snitch is about the size of a walnut with tiny silver wings, it is the most important ball of the game.

The Bludgers: The Budgers are made out of iorn and are ten inches in diameters. They are bewitched to chase players. the beaters job is to knock them away.


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